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Now many people don't know much about wallpaper, so here I introduce some advantages of using wallpaper.
1. 防裂:刷乳胶漆的墙面一般两年左右就会有开裂情况的。特别是在北方一些枯燥的城市。而铺贴壁纸是不可能呈现墙面开裂的情况的,除非墙体整体开裂了。
1. Crack prevention: The wall with latex paint usually cracks in about two years. Especially in some boring cities in the north. It is impossible to show wall cracking by laying wallpaper unless the whole wall cracks.
2. 耐擦拭:无论再耐擦拭的乳胶漆墙面也不能用湿的毛巾清洗,而纸基乙烯膜壁纸由于外表有防水的膜,脏了以后还可以用洗涤灵、软毛刷等清洗,十分便利。 提示:很多人会担心这种防水的壁纸会“不透气”,其实这个是现在我们对壁纸认识中的一个很大的误区,是一些别有目的的商家用来无端攻击纸基乙烯膜壁纸的手法。首要墙面不透气其实是长处:如果墙面透气,建筑墙体材料中的氡气会渐渐发出到居室内。氡是一种无色无味的天然放射性气体,吸入人体后会很快变成具有放射性的同位素镭,使人致癌。国际上有1/5的肺癌患者与室内的氡气污染有关。氡气常从污染的大气中以及混凝土、石块、油漆、砖瓦、涂料等材料中进入居室。明显关闭性能较好的壁纸可以阻挡氡气的发出。再说了,房间里透气靠的是开窗通风换气,不是靠墙壁来透气,所以墙面透气与否根本不会影响室内空气的。
2. Wipe-resistant: No matter how wipe-resistant the wall of latex paint can not be washed with wet towels, and paper-based vinyl membrane wallpaper because of the appearance of waterproof membrane, dirty can also be cleaned with detergent, soft brush, etc., it is very convenient. Tip: Many people will worry that this waterproof wallpaper will be "airtight", in fact, this is a big misunderstanding in our understanding of wallpaper nowadays. It is a method used by some purposeful businessmen to attack paper-based vinyl membrane wallpaper for no reason. Primary wall impermeability is actually a strength: if the wall is permeable, radon in building wall materials will gradually emit into the living room. Radon is a colorless odorless natural radioactive gas, which can quickly become a radioactive isotope radium after inhalation, causing cancer. One fifth of lung cancer patients in the world are related to indoor radon pollution. Radon often enters the room from polluted atmosphere and materials such as concrete, stone, paint, bricks and tiles, paint, etc. The wallpaper with good closing performance can prevent radon emission. Besides, the ventilation in the room depends on the opening of windows, not on the walls, so whether the walls are ventilated or not will not affect the indoor air at all.

3. 掩盖力强:对不是特别平坦的墙面,甚至有细微裂纹的墙面都有一定的掩盖力。


3. Covering power is strong: For walls that are not particularly flat, or even those with slight cracks, there is a certain covering power.
4. 色彩持久:一般刷深色乳胶漆的墙面一两年后色彩就会有较大改变,但纸基乙烯膜壁纸有较强的抗氧化力,色彩不易褪去。
4. Color persistence: generally brush dark latex paint on the wall after a year or two, the color will change greatly, but the paper-based vinyl film wallpaper has a strong anti-oxidation, color is not easy to fade.
5. 不易损伤:在一般碰击下,壁纸是不易被损害的,不像一般乳胶漆墙面很简单磕碰掉皮。另外,如果家里有小孩,孩子们喜欢在墙面涂鸦、粘不干胶,壁纸墙面也是不怕的。一般水性彩笔都可以轻易除去,贴上的不干胶也很简单揭下来。即便不小心把壁纸弄破了,修补也很简单,只要把原墙上破损的地方用刀切个方块下来,再把装饰时留下来的壁纸头,对好花纹切下大小相同的块贴上墙就可以了。只要仔细操作,一般修补后,站在一米外是彻底看不出来的。
5. Not easy to damage: under the general impact, wallpaper is not easy to be damaged, unlike ordinary latex paint wall is very simple knock off skin. In addition, if there are children in the family, the children like to graffiti on the wall, stick glue, wallpaper wall is not afraid. Generally, water-based color pens can be easily removed, and stickers are also easy to uncover. Even if you accidentally break the wallpaper, repair is very simple, as long as the original wall of the damaged place with a knife cut down a square, and then the decoration left wallpaper head, the right pattern cut the same size of the block sticking to the wall. As long as carefully operated, the general repair, standing a meter away is completely invisible.
6. 替换简单:如果需要更新墙纸,只需将老墙纸表层一角揭开后悉数剥离撕去,纸基留在墙上。如纸基与墙粘接结实,新的墙纸则可直接裱贴其上。一般卖壁纸的商家会提供专业施工,一个一百多平米的公寓,半天就换完了,并且替换壁纸也不影响寓居。 提示:我们对壁纸还有个误解,就是很多人以为壁纸不经用,其实壁纸比乳胶漆经用多了。壁纸不简单开裂,又不简单褪色,还不易损伤,明显会比较经用。很多人会问壁纸会不会过几年就起边掉下来呢。其实,只要正确施工,壁纸上墙后是不会掉下来的。那么,为什么很多人会以为壁纸不经用呢?正是由于壁纸替换简单,很多选择壁纸的家庭过一两年就会换一次壁纸(特别是很多外国家庭,他们每到圣诞节等节日时就会全家一同动手换壁纸),所以很多人误以为壁纸不经用。其实经常替换壁纸,一来可以换换心情,二来也是一种可以全家参与的娱乐活动啊。
6. Replacement is simple: If you need to update wallpaper, just peel off the corner of the old wallpaper and tear it off, leaving the paper base on the wall. If the paper base is firmly bonded to the wall, the new wallpaper can be directly mounted on it. Generally, wallpaper vendors will provide professional construction. An apartment of more than 100 square meters will be replaced in half a day, and the replacement of wallpaper will not affect the residence. Tip: We also have a misunderstanding about wallpaper. Many people think that wallpaper is useless. In fact, wallpaper is more useful than latex paint. Wallpaper is not easy to crack, fade, damage, and will obviously be more useful. Many people will ask if wallpaper will fall off in a few years. In fact, as long as the correct construction, wallpaper on the wall will not fall off. So why do many people think wallpaper is useless? Because wallpaper replacement is simple, many wallpaper-choosing families will change wallpaper once or twice in a year or two (especially many foreign families, they will change wallpaper together every Christmas and other holidays), so many people mistakenly think that wallpaper is useless. In fact, wallpaper is often replaced. First, it can change the mood. Second, it is also a kind of entertainment that can be participated by the whole family.
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